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The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a service we at FionaClarke247 are proud to be registered with. We take pride in being able to give support to those with a disability so that we can help give the best outcomes in life for our clients.

Our support comes in one on one consultations so that we can work together in finding the best ways to improve life for the needs of our NDIS clients. The duration of consultations for our NDIS clients can be negotiated according to their plan, but on average consultations last around 60 minutes.

We also offer for NDIS clients a free 15 minute phone consultation so that we can get to know your needs and any concerns you may have.

Our hands are always open to accept those in need.



We understand the needs are different for every individual, everybody has their own unique way to find what works for them and we like to help along in finding your needs and making sure we can best support the life you want to live.

Our consultations go in-depth on the foods, nutrition and activities of your life and go through any changes or alternatives we could implement for better living.

We know that food is a big part of life and cooking can be a pain, that’s why our friends at “ih8cooking.com.au” provide a service that’s special to NDIS clients. Their service involves coming to you, to cook for you in your own kitchen, using your own food and their great selections of herbs and spices that they bring along. Dedicated to helping simplify life, they are a great service we at FionaClarke247 fully support.


commitment TO YOU

Our promise is to you as the client, “Commitment is an act, not a word” - Jean-Paul Sartre. We don’t just talk with you about the ways we can help but we go further to help you act upon them. To commit to a plan, to push through and seize the life you want for yourself.

We are committed to getting the most out of our consultations so that we cover every aspect, so we can tailor our support for your specific needs, to work with you in accomplishing goals and milestones to achieve a better mind, body, soul and life.

Booking with us is as easy as a few steps. Click the “BOOK NOW” button and it will take you directly to us, where you can schedule a time and date that fits towards your needs.


NDIS Accomodation & Housing


Key points from Lynn Cameron, The Advertiser - https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ndis

  • People with disabilities should be given choice and control around where they live — and with whom.

  • Thousands of young people with disabilities across Australia are currently living in aged care facilities. The NDIS aims to give them better options and put individuals at the centre of all the planning for their future.

  • The six-chapter special report is designed to be accessible to all. It contains audio files, helpful videos, picture captions designed for screen readers, and easy-to-understand key points.

ONE of the many changes the rollout of the NDIS will bring is in the area of housing for people with disabilities.

The NDIS says its aim is to encourage innovation in housing, attract new suppliers into the housing market and promote real choice and control for NDIS participants around where they live and with whom they live.

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Emily Korir 

My mantra is “Don’t let anybody else’s perception of you become your reality. Only you can stop you” - and I live by it. 

Emily's incredible story has touched all of us AIB. We're so proud to have played a part in her MBA journey.



Watch This Video To Learn More About NDIS Housing

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