Education Services

We strive to help you understand your work better and for you to gain confidence. We will help you with editing your own work, so that you can have the skills to do it yourself and keeping in line with academic integrity.

Available services:

  • Private one-to-one bookings

  • Discounts apply to small group bookings

  • Location: Virtual (phone, or FaceTime with Google Docs) or In-person (Steadfast Centre Office)

  • Prices: Rates are per hour, pay 1 hour after session (upfront with Morgan). OR ‘pay upfront’ 2 hour and 3 hour options are available (stripe secure credit card - see cancellation policy)

  • Payment Options: pay upfront via Skype secure payment, otherwise: Bank Transfer, Stripe, Square, EFTPOS/ Credit Card facilities available in Office. Pay on the day policy.


  • Understand your topic better

  • Learn how essays and reports need to be structured

  • Be pointed in the right direction for good resources

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Gain confidence to write essays and reports

  • Bring your own fresh new insights into your work

  • develop skills to determine what is being required for the assignment

Legal Tutoring with Fiona Clarke

1 HOUR: $85 | 2 HOUR: $165* | 3 HOUR: $245

Fiona Clarke, an Academic Educator in South Australia. With 12 years experience teaching law and medical topics. Fiona has taught a large number of different law topics in many different universities around Australia.

Fiona likes to make learning fun and attempt to bring real life examples that students can relate to help make the complicated more simple to understand.

It is often difficult to interpret the case law and legislation because it takes time, dedication and familiarity to be successful at it. We can spend time discussing the cases and examine Judges' decisions and reasoning. We can also look to the legislation and focus on how to best apply the legislative interpretation rules. Together, with time and in a relaxed environment, you will be able to develop your own style and confidence.

*Pay Upfront.

Criminal Law Tutoring with John Lyons

Price: $440 PER HOUR*

John Lyons, a Criminal Law Barrister in South Australia. With 35 years experience in Criminal Law, John has worked on some of Australia’s longest and biggest trials such as the Snow Town Murders. He has appeared in High Court, Court Advocacy, Tribunal work and Forensic Evidence.

His high profile and passion to share his knowledge has had him give lectures at the Flinders University and teaching at GDLP. John’s humour allows students to enjoy and understand Case Law in an easy going nature.

Membership: SA Bar Association

*Price includes GST.

short time slots will become available pro-rata.

coming soon purchasable vlogs on specific topics

Civil Litigation Tutoring with Richard Mellows

Price: TBA

Richard Mellows, a Barrister in South Australia. With experience in Civil Litigation and Family Law, Richard has appeared in the Supreme Court, Federal Court, District Court, Family Court and Full Court.

Memberships: SA Bar Association; Council of Law Society of SA; Family Law Committee of Law Society of SA, Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

Genetics, Advanced Biology & Molecular Science Research with Dr. Morgan Newman

1 hour: $75* | 2 hours: $145 | 3 hours: $215
Groups welcome

I am Dr. Morgan Newman, a Scientist at The University of Adelaide and I specialise in genetics. I enjoy helping students understand the field. I am interested in assisting students to reach higher levels of understanding with genetics, advanced biology, or for molecular science research. I am also interested to  assist students to develop skills to edit their own work including better English expression.

Please Check out the latest on our blog and follow me @FORGETFULFISH

*Pay Upfront. Credit card facilities for online bookings. Price includes GST. Discount rate applies for 2 or 3 hour bookings.

Location: Morgan is available for at Steadfast Business Centre (limited time slots), or online (FaceTime/ Phone with Google Docs) and Adelaide University Hub.

ITAS Aboriginal Mentor Program

Price: This is funded by the university ITAS program

An education program approved by the relevant University. Students please make your booking from this site.

Improve your assignment writing skills with Nathan Clarke


I am Nathan Clarke, in my final year of Education studies to become a mid year level high-school teacher.  I am specialising in English with a minor in Health Studies. I can assist with your writing and grammar skills, and can also help with creative writing