Oils just ain't oils

Are the oils we eat bringing us inflammation and disease?

Research is increasingly showing that inflammation in our bodies plays a role with chronic inflammatory conditions such as metabolic, allergic, neurodegenerative (eg: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)) and immune diseases. These diseases tend to show that there are an increase in our white blood cells in our blood (leukocytes), molecules that help other cells climb around and be sticky (adhesion molecules), and / or ‘pro’ inflammatory  molecules in our blood. All of these seem can lead to our tissues being destroyed. Our gut microbiota plays a role. Our diet can dictate our state of inflammation and ultimately our health status. Obesity, MS, Coeliac disease, autoimmune disorders all seem to be linked in some way with diet and inflammation. The best types of fat seems to be unsaturated fat, and in particular Omega 3 (in good ratio to Omega 6). Omega 3 can make cells soft, flexible and unsticky, and can help the immune system too. For more on the immune system please go to patreon…

Written by Fiona Clarke and Morgan Newman


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Michael Kadock Letter to the editor at:  https://doi.org/10.1017/S0317167100022241

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Fiona Clarke